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Rotary table automatic packing line, consisting of a round table automatic distributor, a transition conveyor, an aligning conveyor and the packaging machine, is mainly designed for product distribution, aligning and feeding by utilizing the centripetal principle. Its packing speed can automatically adjust according to the feeding speed.
Working procedure of this auto rotary table packaging line: the round table automatic distributor feeds products, the servo motor at the aligning part controls the feeding speed, and then products go orderly and fast through convey belts of the transition conveyor and the aligning conveyor. When passing the aligning conveyor, the aligning and feeding speed of products will be adjusted so as to keep the same with the packing speed of packaging machine. Push block enables products to go to the packaging machine without stuck, and after film wrapping, the packaging finishes.



1. The rotary table automatic packing line can be directly connected to the production line to fulfill the needs of fully automatic mass packaging. Manually decanting products into the round table is also feasible to satisfy small-scale and versatile packing requirements. 2. Customized design on the basis of product features, avoid squeezing the packaging materials, and materials which stuck or failed when turning direction will be rejected to ensure a stable and constant packing process. 3. Speed of the auto rotary table packaging line can be adjusted through inverter and servo driver and based on customer request and forms of packing materials. 4. User-friendly design, allowing easy and fast assembly and disassembly. 5. Equipped with a wide variety of safe devices, including emergency stop, fault stop, electricity leakage protection, warning light, etc.


of Rotary Table Automatic Packing Line

1. Round Table




The round table automatic distributor consists of one inner turntable, one outer turntable and the output part. These three parts are controlled by three motors. Two inverters control the speed of inner and outer round tables, making turning speed adjustable. This distributor is mainly used to automatically feed products.


Transition Conveyor

The transition conveyor, with simple structure and adjustable belt width as per different products, transits products to the aligning conveyor.


Aligning Conveyor

The aligning conveyor aligns the coming products, including product store, aligning and feeding to ensure the feeding speed consistent with the packing speed of the packaging machine. The photocell electrical eye that controls product storage as well as feeding speed and time assures continuous package, thus avoiding empty bag.


Packaging Machine

The packaging machine is available as per the packing items.


s of Rotary Table Automatic Packing Line
Film Width Max. 250 mm
Bag Length (mm) 45 to 90
Bag Width (mm) 45 to 90
Product Height Max. 35 mm
Film Roll Diameter Max. 320 mm
Packing Speed 60 to 330 packs/min
Power 220 V, 50/60 Hz, 2.4 kW
Machine Size (mm) (L) 5520 × (w) 1350 × (H) 1520
Machine Weight 1200 kg

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