High Speed Face Mask Packing Machine Double-Channel 4 Side Sealing Face Mask Packing Machine

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The four-side sealing mask packaging machine is suitable for single packaging of various disposable masks, medical masks, kf94 masks, N95 masks, and fish masks. The bag type is sealed on four sides and can be punched.

Features of

High Speed Face Mask Packing Machine Double-Channel 4 Side Sealing


1. Tailstock: Made of 304 stainless steel, dual-channel servo individually controls the feeding, high efficiency; each channel adopts double push finger conveying, and the feeding is more stable.

2. Film unwinding mechanism: adopts two-axis film unwinding, which is suitable for different packaging materials at the same time, such as aluminum-plastic, paper-plastic, etc., independently controlled by each motor, and the film unwinding tension is more stable.

3. Heating sealing mechanism: Servo frequency tracking reciprocating control is adopted to improve the efficiency of heat sealing and sealing. The sealing adopts an adjustable structure, which can adjust different bag widths appropriately. It adopts five temperature control controls to independently adjust the sealing of each edge. The combined temperature makes the sealing edge more beautiful.

4. Slitting mechanism: It adopts an independent slitting mechanism, which can adjust different slitting widths. It adopts servo control synchronously with the rear traction mechanism. The slitting blade is made of high-speed steel and is wear-resistant.

5. Electric box control system; adopts full servo control system (tail plus-front traction-heat sealing-slitting / rear traction-cutting-finished product conveying), PLC adopts bus electronic cam control, suitable for controlling multi-axis synchronous motion control The system is more precise than the traditional pulse ice control.

High Speed Medical mask packing machine introduction

Medical mask packing machine configured with 3 servo driven wrap technology, touch screen control panel, easy for operation. No product no pack features, could be connected with former mask production line to achieve fully automatic packing, this machine is widely used for medical&health industry.

High Speed Medical mask packing machine's scope and price

This pillow type surgical mask packaging machine is made with high standard configurations, has broad packing scope, can individually pack all type face masks with fully automatically function, such as 3M masks, N95/KN95 masks, surgical masks,non-woven disposable masks.

Medical face mask packaging machine price is around USD6000.00-10000.00/SET based on different configuartions.

How to have a fully automatic high speed mask packing machine?

Identify mask out put status from face mask machine. some masks strings are inner folded already, it can be wrapped directly ,some masks strings are not folded, need to use folding machine before packing,check videos below.Mask-strings
Have a clear idea for packaging. include packing film printing, packing way(how many pieces masks you will pack for one bag ), date coder.
Chek the producing capacity, place packaging machine order.
4-side sealing face mask packaging machine
If you want to make 4-side sealing for face mask, check this machine.
4-side-sealing-face-mask- packaging-machine

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