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Fully Automatic Mask Box Packing Machine is automatic high speed continuous packing machine which is high performance product incorporates pneumatic, photo, electric, mechanic in one. It suitable for automatic inserting ALU-PVC blister, bottle, soft tube, soft AL/AL strips and pouch into carton, also can link to matching machine to form production line.

Suitable for the packaging of various medicines, foods, cosmetics and small containers in related industries such as masks, medicines, essential oils, tissues, etc.

Fully Automatic Surgical Face Masks Carton Box Packing Machine in China

Type:Carton packing machine
Carton size:(L)180*(W)100*(H)80mm
Packing speed:Around 40-50 boxes per min
Machine weight:1.2T
Carton requirement:The crease of the carton should be 0.4 mm

Features Fully Automatic Masks Carton Box Packing Machine:

Using PLC microcomputer automatic control.
Use man-machine interface operating system to automatically display performance parameters such as cartoning speed, quantity, and cause of failure
Adopt self-lubricating system to run more smoothly.
The body is made of high quality stainless steel, baking paint and aluminum
Multiple specifications can be adjusted and used within the scope of the same equipment.
Manual and automatic conversion function.
Can be equipped with hot melt adhesive machine.
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