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  • Automatic Cake Feed Packaging Line (3 Lines)
  • Automatic Cake Feed Packaging Line (3 Lines) automatic cake feed packaging line (3 lines) is directly connected to the production line to realize fully automatic feeding and packing. Its feeding system is best suited to French bread and Custard cake. ...
  • Square Table Auto Packing Line (Single line)
  • Square Table Auto Packing Line (Single line) square table auto packing line is best suited to the packing of furniture hinge, slide rail, handle, decorative hardware, plating metal pipe, oil seal, bag decoration hardware, six-meter stainless steel tube, lighting decorative hardware an ...
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high speed flow-pack machine with in-line feeder is applicable to automatic feeding and wrapping of small and medium sized products, like small confectionery, chocolate bar, cake, bread, biscuit, cookies. The machine will automatically arrange products into a single file before automatically feeding them into the wrapping section. The machine will wrap at 300-500 wraps per minute and will speed up and slow down to the speed of the production machines feeding it.
This is a fully automatic machine with print registration and date printer, auto reject device for misplaced chocolates. Machine can be supplied different configurations of cutting jaws for different sized products. The machine wraps in the flow-pack style.

Automatic cake packing machine is a horizontal pillow pack machine, configured with air flushing device to prolong cake shelf life by Nitrogen air, for packaging muffin, cup cake, moon cake, swiss roll, rice cake, layer cake, etc.,

Automatic cake packing machine introduction and price

This type cake packing machine is entry level pillow type flow wrapper, configured with 3 servo driven wrap technology, touch screen control panel, easy for operation; Adjustable bag former, enable you to wrap different kind of cakes with step-less process; Widely packaging scope suitable for packing cup cake, rice cake, muffin, swiss roll, layer cake etc.

Cake packing machine price is around USD4000.00-8000.00/SET based on different configurations.

Customized design for cake fully automatic packaging system

We make customized packing system according to cake features, such as cake manufacturing capacity, packing way request, single pack or multi-pack, cake types, etc.

For cup cake packing, we build direct sort packaging system to connect with cake production line, to achieve fully automatic producing and packing functions.
For rice cake packing, we use turn-table feeding system to meet automatic packing request.
For swiss roll, layer cake packing, we design relevant up&down packing system to meet single pack request.
Frequency Asked Questions for cake automatic packaging machine
Question 1: We want to place cakes into plastic container(plastic tray), so products can be protected by container, and have high rank market performance, do you have the solution for automatic loading and packaging?

Answer: Yes, we have tray loading and packaging system, check our packaging solution.

Question 2: What is cake packaging film material, where to buy this film?

Answer: Cake packaging film is requested for food grade, hot sealing airtightness type, we suggest double laminated film, OPP with CPP material, thickness 40-50 micrometers. as the consumbale material, it is better for you to find a film supplier locally, if you do need this service, can contact us.

Question 3: Do you have machine for family pack and carton packaging for cakes?

Answer: Yes, we have relevant machines, please list your packaging request for family pack or check carton packaging machines