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  • Automatic Mask Packing Machine
  • Automatic Mask Packing Machine The automatic mask packing machine has a flexible adjustment system and a wide range of packaging. Items of various specifications, shapes can be packed. For example: surgical mask, disposable mask, n95, kn95, medical mask, etc. ...
This face mask packing machine is suitable for the packaging of various regular solid objects such as surgical Masks, N95/KN95/FFP2/FFP3 Masks.

Automatic Face Mask Packing Machine:

1. Compact structure, simple and convenient operation, not occupy much space; 2. The machine with motion controller, touch screen display, servo drive, achieves stable and reliable operation; 3. Simple and convenient maintenance, low failure rate and low noise; 4. Intelligent control system with HIM interface, convenient and fast parameter setting; 5. Intelligent digital temperature control system controls temperature independently,suitable for various packaging materials; 6. Positioned Stopping (to prevent knife film sticking); 7. Different sealing forms are available: rice pattern, straight pattern, vertical pattern.