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High Speed KN95 mask packing machine is our company independent production design of a dedicated to kind of mask pack, servo control, length of bag set and cut, One-step setting, Save time and film, easy operate, packing speed 30-100 Pkg/min, for Disposable surgical mask, can pack 1 piece, 5 pieces, 10 pieces, 20 pieces, and KN95, Multiple packing methods,Suitable for batch mask packaging production.

Features of this high speed automatic face mask packing machine

Ultra wide packaging range: Either color code tracking or fixed length mode, Suitable for package length range 60-600mm, length range can customized made;
Shaft-less transmission technology: Adopted among the three shafts. There is no mechanical connection. Each shaft is directly driven by a servo motor with a deceleration mechanism;
Automatic variable speed cutter: The cutter variable speed operation, speed curve automatic generation, no manual adjustment, save the mechanical CAM;
Faster packaging speed: in color tracking mode, the packaging speed is 100 packs/min (double cut);
High precision of color code tracking: Tracking accuracy up to 0.1mm;
Precise air defense package: No matter whether the material supply is continuous or not, in any case, the system can automatically and accurately ensure that each packaging film has materials, to prevent the occurrence of empty bags, to achieve zero loss of packaging materials;
Material deviation does not cut: If it is found that the material has shifted on the film, the cutter will stop. After material discharge, the cutter will automatically resume operation;
Automatic film technology: Built-in automatic film function without stopping;
Cutter torque protection: The system automatically detects the force of the cutter. When the cutter encounters a hard object, the resistance is greater than the set torque protection value. It stops and retreats instantly, in screen can set.

We are a professional manufacturer for high speed packaging machine and automatic packing system, We take soon, easily packing philosophy, follow quality first as the company’s life spring, to offer high efficiency, easily for use and maintenance packaging machines.
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