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Model: ALD-400


1. ALD-400 shrink packer is an automatic L-type pack and seal machine. It is extensively used to the production line of bulk production and packaging. With an automatic film feeding and punching part, a manual film install system and an adjustable infeed conveyor, this automatic pack and seal machine is highly efficient and it suits a wide range of products with different heights and widths. 2. DuPont Teflon anti-stick and heat-resistant coated aluminum alloy cutter is used to avoid cracking and coking of seal as well as prevent smoke and pollution. 3. ALD-400 shrink packing machine is equipped with imported photoelectric detecting elements, horizontal and vertical detection parts to choose from. Packing and sealing can be easily completed for thin and small packaging products. 4. Automatic feeding. Length of films can be automatically adjusted by combinations of photoelectric eye and calculators. The induction motor of this automatic pack and seal machine helps to automatically roll out waste materials. 5. Easy to adjust the dimensions of packaging products with no need of changing mould and belt making machine. 6. For this ALD-400 shrink packer, products with different sizes can mix to pack for sales promotion. 7. By adopting digital display temperature controller with PID function, extremely sensitive and precise temperature of sealing cutter is achieved and it’s easy to set. Users don’t need to worry about product damages caused by inaccurate temperature and false packaging can be effectively prevented with the automatic protection function of the sealing cutter 8. Sealing parts of this automatic pack and seal machine is equipped with plexiglass covers with automatic alarm function, largely improving the safety of operators.


ALD-400 shrink packing machine applies to shrink wrap of extremely large batch of products in industries like software, food, cosmetics, printing, medicine, tiles, ceramics, drinks, metal, etc.

Specifications of

ALD-400 Shrink Packer

Film Feeding System Motor Taiwan "Yong-Kun”, steady packaging and film feeding
Sensor Switch Japan "OMRON”, accurate control of amount of films
Roller Aluminum alloy rollers with sandblasting and oxidation surface finishing
Hole Puncher Adjustable number of pinholes
Conveying System Conveyor Non-slip PVC conveyor belt with nylon core
Motor Taiwan "Yong-Kun”, steady material feeding

Detecting and Positioning

Japan "OMRON”, high accuracy of material positioning and fast response
Enclosed System Heat Source Heating pipes which are made of high resistance alloy wires and stainless steel and conform to import standards
Cutter DuPont Teflon high temperature spray alloy steel that conforms to import standards
Temperature Control China "EASTSHIP”, digital display temperature controller with high precision and high stability
Cutter Protection Japan "OMRON”, avoid mistaken cutting and protect operating personnel
In-place Testing Korea "AUTONICS”, stable performance and high accuracy
Cylinder Taiwan "Air TAC”, accurate control of sealing speed to ensure sealing quality
Magnetic Valve Taiwan "Air TAC”, stable performance
Film-drawing System Motor Taiwan "Yong-Kun”, steady packaging and film feeding
Synchronous Wheel High-strength wear-resistant aluminum alloy with import standards and sandblasting and oxidation surface finishing
Synchronous Belt Import standards, stable and durable
Control System PLC China "WECON”
Touch Screen China "WECON”, 7-inch LCD screen
Intermediate Relay Japan "OMRON”
Power Relay Japan "OMRON”
Chassis Plastic spraying carbon steel with key parts using stainless steel and aluminum

Parameters of ALD-400 Shrink Packer

Model ALD-400
Machine Dimension (mm) (L) 1685 × (W) 828 × (H) 1480

Max. Bag Size (L + H) (mm)

≤500 (Height) ≤130 ≤500 (Height) ≤130
Max. Bag Size (W + H) (mm) ≤430 (Height) ≤130
Max. Sealing Size (L × W) (mm) (L) 550 × (W) 450
Packing Speed 15 to 25 packs/min
Net Weight (kg) 225
Power (kW) 2.5
Voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
External Air Source (cm) 6 to 8
Applicable Shrink Film POF
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