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Granule packing machine is especially valuable in packing granular products like rice, sunflower seeds, peanuts, nuts, etc.

Features of Granule Wrapping Machine

1. Advanced design concept and simple operation. 2. Microcomputer control and mechanical transmission assure accuracy and reliability. 3. Multi-language display, including Chinese, English, etc. 4. Frequency converter is used to automatically open the cutters when shut down the machine so as to save films. 5. Smart temperature controller of the granule packing machine can control the difference in temperature within 2 degrees. 6. The whole process, including measuring, filling, bag making, sealing, date printing and conveying of finished goods, can be automatically completed. 7. More solid packing with moiré pattern sealing. Straight stripe, twill strip and reticulate strip are also available for packing. 8. This granule wrapping machine adopts CE installation standard and IP65 electric box protection standard. 9. It is suitable for various formats of bags, including pillow bag (back seal, triangle seal and four-side seal), gusset bag and punching bag. 10. Various punching shapes are available for you. 11. Specific exhaust device is designed to reduce air in the package and avoid swelling of the package. 12. Shock device is the solution to the packing of fluffy products with small packing bags. 13. Special PE film sealing device is available for the packing film with a single layer of PE material.

Parameters of Granule Packing Machine

Packing Material OPP/CPP, OPP/CE, PET/PE (Complex Film)
MaxMeasurementRange 800 ml
Bag Dimension (mm) 50 to 200 (L) × 40 to 150 (W)
Packing Speed 10 to 80 packs/min
Max Film Roll Width 320 mm
Power 220 V, 50 Hz, 2 kW
Machine Dimension (mm) 1200 (L) × 700 (W) × 16000 (H)
Machine Weight 300 kg
Bag Format
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